Hi-Top Top 5 Faces in this Kawhi Shot Photo

Kawhi Leonard’s series ending Game 7 shot was pretty great but not as great as the photos it created.

My personal fave is this Mark Blinch 182 gem:

Just look at those mugs in the background.

Hi-Top Top 5 Faces in the Crowd


Some people get excited during big moments of extreme athletic competition. This guy gets casually intrigued. “Hmmm I wonder if this shot will go in and also did I forget to take that baloney sandwich that I didn’t eat out of my briefcase yesterday?”


This dude is still pissed that the girl he gave his number to at the club hasn’t called yet. Let it go bro. She ain’t into you.


Only 1 cellphone in the entire crowd. Pretty damn amazing when you think about. And of course it’d be this lady.


People watching the Jumbotron instead of the live game are the worse. You are literally feet from the actually players. The ball is right in front of your face. Why are you looking up at a screen fifty feet above your head?????


“Please please pretty please with a cherry on top”. This lady is invested. Or she’s taking a dump in her pampers. Hard to tell really.

Honorable Mention

This family got lost looking for the Natural History Museum and decide to try out that basketball match everyone seems to be so excited about. Gee this looks like fun, don’t cha know, ehhh.

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