Open Letter to Danny Ainge

Dear Mr. Ainge,

I am writing to you as a Lifelong Boston Sport Fan. And I understand that you have recently undergone some serious medical conditions so I truly appreciate you taking the time today to read my letter. However I must be blunt. The 2018-2019 Boston Celtics season is simply unacceptable.

Do you know that it is has been 93 long hard cold days since the last Boston Victory Parade? 93 Days! That’s over three months sir! This City is suffering! And now because of the actions of your Boston Celtics basketball team we the people of Boston will have to wait upwards of ANOTHER 30 DAYS until we can celebrate the Boston Bruins winning the Stanley Cup!

The misery! Oh the misery of paradeless days. It is unbearable Mr. Ainge.

My intention is not to scold you Mr. Ainge. I only wish to impress upon you the indignities that we as a City will have to suffer for the failures of the Boston Celtics. 3 out of 4 Major Sport Championships is simply not acceptable.


Lil’ Dogg

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