Your Yearly Reminder That Jami Gertz Owns the Atlanta Hawks

It must be Spring cuz the flowers are in bloom, the sun is out (occasionally) and its NBA Draft Lottery Season. Sure the Playoffs are great but the real intrigue and excitement comes when the ping pong balls start bouncing (behind close doors of course).

The NBA Draft Lottery show is at the top of the list of ridiculous Sport Events and that is precisely why the Lil’ Dogg loves it so much. Sure the whole thing could be done with in about 5 minutes and instead it gets stretched into an absurd 30 minute production but in exchange we get TEAM REPRESENTATIVES sitting awkwardly and answering awkward interview questions and just generally being VERY AWKWARD.

Mostly the Team Reps fall into a few predictable categories – Former Player, Team Executive, and Owner/Owner Relative. Here’s this year’s list:

Yes the Owner of the Atlanta Hawks is THAT Jami Gertz:

Ms. Gertz has been a lottery mainstay for the last few years as the Hawks have fallen on hard times recently but nonetheless it continues to be a fun yearly reminder that Star from the Lost Boys grew up to own an NBA Franchise.

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