Hi-Top Top 5 – Best Chris Farley SNL Moments

The 1990s are officially retro cool right now and Saturday Night Live got in on the act by having 90s Comedy Icon Adam Sandler host for the FIRST TIME?!?!? this past weekend.

The Sandman had everyone busting out the waterworks with a tribute to the one and only Chris Farley:

Undoubtedly Farley is an absolute legend and that got us thinking and so we here at Hi-Top HQ got to doing what we do best and now present to you Hi-Top Nation the unequivocal Hi-Top Top 5 Best Chris Farley SNL Moments.

5. Farley Meets….

Farley meeting celebrities showcased his true “every guy” quality – flustered and fumbling, too hard on himself but ultimately sweet and genuine just like the man himself.

4. Farley & Spade

Burgers & Fries. Mac & Cheese. Farley & Spade. Some things just go together so perfectly they are simply meant to be. These two couldn’t have been more opposite and that’s why they worked so well together.

3. Super Fans

Da Bears! Farley was Chicago through and through. The key to great satire is truly loving and respecting what you are ripping on.

2. Chippendales

The skit that started it all. “Chippendales Audition” aired early in Farley’s first season at SNL and its a physical comedy master class. Fat Funny Guy is a goddamn comedy cliche but NO ONE did it using their actual physical body better than Farley.

1. Van Down By the River

Matt Foley is probably Chris Farley’s greatest “character” and the undisputed peak of Matt Foley is the “Van Down By the River” sketch. This is easily the most oft quoted Farley bit – it was in 1993 and it still is today. This is Farley going from funny guy to legend in real time. Unfortunately this was near the end of his run on SNL as he was soon to go Mega Star with Tommy Boy and Black Sheep even as he spun more out of control in his personal life. There’s no doubt that if things hadn’t turned tragic that “Matt Foley” would have been the bit that SNL would trot out every few years when Farley come by to visit.

That’s it. That’s the list. Facts is facts and the fact is that we still remember Chris Farley 25 years later cuz he was an all-time great and one fat funny MF’er.

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