Calling B.S. on the Ringer and their terrible Back to the Future article

If there’s anything and I mean anything the Lil’ Dogg is a certified card carrying members only Capital E Expert on its MF’ing 1980’s movies. For crissake this pup wrote a thousand part post breaking down the undisputed 100 greatest movies of the decade so if you are going to come at the King you best not miss. Apparently someone forget to tell The Ringer this because their latest attempt at shameless 1980s nostalgia cash grab is a straight up travesty and the Lil’ Dogg just ain’t havin’ it. Not today.

So now we gots to tear them a new one.

Here’s said article, bad mouthing of all things that are holy, the gotdamn Back to the Future franchise :

The crux of the article is that Grays Sports Almanac is too small to have actually contained the sports info that Biff Tannen used to become rich and powerful in the alternative 1985 of BTTF II.

From The Ringer –

On its face this may seem like a reasonable conclusion. Grays Sports Almanac is supposed to hold 50 years worth of sports info and it looks like your average monthly comic book. That doesn’t add up, right?


This type of simple minded thinking is why the author of this trash piece, some Aussie named Jarrod Kimber, is a straight Basic Bitch, and yours truly is a neon covered Aqua Net haired 80s GOD.

The BTTF II 2015 world in which Grays Sports Almanac comes from is a time in which cars can fly, skateboards can hover and billboards can send giant hologram sharks at you while you are standing on the sidewalk. Sneakers lace themselves. Clothes have auto fit. This is not our 2015. This is a technologically advanced time.

Do you really think books are just regular normal books? Do you really think these advances in tech have completely skipped the publishing industry of BTTF II?

Of course not!

You cannot just assume that Grays Sports Almanac is a normal book with normal pages. For all we know it’s pages could be completely adaptable, expandable and searchable. Everything else in BTTF II is fully customizable and extremely user friendly. The food cooks in seconds, the TVs are voice activated, the fax machines are….okay forget about the fax machines but you get the point. Things are different. The world has evolved. Of course Grays Sports Almanac is more than what it appears to be. To assume otherwise means you are not following the logic of the movie.

The rest of the foolhardy Ringer article concerns itself with the minutia of Biff’s betting habits. And once again the author shows himself as shortsighted.


This is his entire character arc. He’s a big dumb goof. Of course he would bet like a fool and not make all the perfect moves. He would not be Biff Tannen if he parlayed his betting winnings into a billion dollar sports ownership conglomerate like the author suggests he should have done. And once again Mr. Kimber shows that he has NO IDEA what he is writing about. Toxic waste and fake boobs and staying in Hill Valley is EXACTLY what Biff Tannen would do with unlimited money and power.

Listen folks, I like The Ringer, they normally do good work but this one is a big ol’ swing and miss. Hey everyone has their bad days, or so I hear, but next time if you want to go deep on something from the 80s get yourselves a true expert. You know how to find me.

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