The End of the Nuggets-Spurs Game 7 Makes No Sense

Game 7. 25.6 seconds left. The Denver Nuggets are beating the San Antonio Spurs 90-86 and the following happens:

NOBODY – not the teams, the coaches, the crowd or the TV announcers – seems to have any clue what the score of the game is.

“A huge possession. Three seconds separating shot clock and game clock.”

That’s NOT something you say when the TEAM WITH THE BALL is winning by 4 POINTS with seconds to play.

“No fouls to give.”

The TV crew thinks the score is tied. Now if it was a 1 or 2 point game then maybe maybe you could understand some confusion. But it’s a FOUR point game – two possessions.

Both teams play that final possession like the score is tied. The Nuggets are running a set. The Spurs have no sense of urgency. It’s been said that the Spurs players couldn’t hear the coaches yelling to foul.

But it’s a four point game???? What else are you going to do???? These are pro basketball players. Shouldn’t they be able to make the decision that you need to foul down four with seconds left in a Game 7???!?!?!??

The Spurs players box out and take off with the rebound like they have minutes left in the game.

The crowd seems completely unaware of the situation as well like they are watching the end of a Third Period in a random January game.

The whole thing makes absolutely no sense.

So what really happened?

Was it a collective glitch in the matrix? An entire arena full of people experiencing an alternative reality? Industrial grade Mary Jane getting pumped into the arena (this was in Colorado after all)?

Who’s to say? The Lil’ Dogg isn’t here to provide answers just to merely pose the questions.

But something did happen in Denver last night. That’s for sure.

One comment

  1. Like you said, a lot of strange shit happened here, but I also think this a great example of something I’ve been suspecting for a while; the legend once known as Gregg Popovich is showing signs of decline. Despite all that happened with this situation, could you honestly tell me that the “Pops” of five years ago wouldn’t have handled this completely differently?


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