It’s a Sweep

And the first team on to the Second Round of the NBA Playoffs is the Boston Celtics because of course.

Could it be any other way?

Not after the season we just all lived through.

The Boston Celtics looked (gasp!) confident and in control in four convincing wins over the Indiana Pacers. They played equally well at home AND on the road (double gasp!).

The real shock is how not shocking all of this is. Discount the last six months and we are exactly where we thought we’d be back at the very start of the season (minus about 3 seeds of course). And you know what, for good measure a Second Round Celtics v Bucks matchup would have made perfect sense (with flipped seeding).

The Celtics were going to have to go through Milwaukee anyway so what’s the real difference if it’s now or the Eastern Conference Finals?

The real question is Marcus Smart. Can he be healthy for this next series cuz the C’s are going to need him. The Celtics took down the Bucks last year due mostly to inept coaching by Milwaukee. That has unfortunately (for Boston) been remedied. The Bucks obviously have a much stronger team this year than last.

This is going to be a battle. Grabbing 1 of 2 on the road out of the gate would be HUGE.

Let’s go Green.

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