Kyrie- Edelman Bromance is BAD NEWS for Boston

Kyrie dropped 37 and the Celtics took a 2-0 series lead on the “How are these guys even competitive” Indiana Pacers. 

But the real story is what took place after the game.

Reports have it that the FIRST person Kyrie hugged after the game was not one of his teammates. Certainly not the coach. It was Jules Edelman.

This isn’t their first encounter…not by a long shot. Here they are in LA, back in March

Also, while on his PED suspension, Edelman often worked out with the Celtics. As a sign of their appreciation of him as an athlete, they gave him a personalized #11 jersey, which of course, was ok’d by Kyrie himself:

“It passed by me before it got to [Edelman],” Irving said Friday at Celtics practice. “I’m appreciative of him. He’s a great person. Hopefully, I’ll ask the Patriots if they can give me a No. 11 jersey with my name on the back, just like Edelman. That’d be nice.”

Now, this may seem like some good ol’ fashioned synergy between two athletes in the same town. But I think there is more to it.

The Edelman- Kyrie bromance started right after Kyrie promised everyone he’s staying. Since these two have gotten together, Kyrie has

  • Said he doesn’t “owe anyone shit”
  • Been wishy-washy about re-signing
  • been very standoff-ish with the media
  • had public incidents with teammates during games
  • continuously called out his teammates in the media.

And now, after his signature game as a Celtic, he seeks out Edelman immediately???

Can’t you see what’s going on here???


Edelman, is also in the last year of his deal. He is drastically underpaid. He can’t be happy with the dynamics in Foxboro. And now, on the day after the team has signed Demaryius Thomas, he’s seen hugging another seemingly disgruntled Boston athlete…..

Clearly, Kyrie and Julian Edelman are going to team up in New York next season.

Edelman almost signed with the Giants last time he was a free agent, so he’s familiar with the franchise. Like Kyrie, he fancies himself as more than an athlete, so NYC is the place to be.

These two will undoubtedly be teaming up on a “11’s Lounge” or some such bullshit. Edelman has probably already filmed a cameo in Uncle Drew 2. It’s all happening, people…wake up!


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