A Tiger Rises

The Easter Resurrection occurred a week early this year on a golf course in Augusta, Georgia.

Tiger Woods is the 2019 Masters Champion, winning his Fifth Green Jacket and first since 2005.

The “Redemption Story” is one of the bedrocks of American Sport. But never in the history of athletics has a Superstar fallen as far and as fast as Tiger Woods. Of course there were the tabloid headlines of his ruined reputation but even beyond that the man was a physical wreck just a mere 3 years ago, unable to even confidently preform basic human movements like bending and walking, let alone swinging a golf club.

Yet here we are in 2019 and a 43 year old Tiger Woods has won his 15th Major.

And for everything that Tiger has done in his golf career it was what he didn’t do on Sunday that once again set him apart from all the rest. While the players ahead of him on the leader board cracked and faltered and the players behind him rallied and charged, Tiger didn’t waiver, didn’t falter, didn’t succumb to the pressure of the moment. He did what he has always done. And did it like he always had. He made the shots he needed to make. And ones that we thought he longer could. He embraced the moment because he always has.

He proved he was still exactly who we thought he no longer was.

He was Tiger Woods.

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