The Masters App is AWESOME

Public Service Announcement –

If you are a golf fan and you haven’t downloaded the Masters App then you are missing out cuz it is SO COOL.

Beyond the usual fare of Feature Groups and watching specific holes like Amen Corner, this year you can now literally track any player and any shot in real time. And the way it is presented really gives you a unique perspective on the holes and angles – you know the actual stuff that makes golf interesting. Take a look:

The overhead view of the hole and each shot is something that has been sorely lacking in mainstream golf TV coverage. Sure you get the fancy helicopter shot of each hole every once and a while and the Shot Tracer (or whatever) is shown on drives but to get this detailed top down view of a player’s entire approach to a hole is what has been missed. And now you can have it for any player you want at the press of a button.

AND ITS FREE!!!!!!!!!

No Golf Channel subscription needed. No hiding behind a pay wall. Just ours for our viewing pleasure.

We give Augusta National a ton of shit and for good reason. Their past suuuuuucks and they still have a long way to go. But when it comes to presentation of the actual tournament they are unrivaled. Truly a class above. Honestly this should be standard fare, at least at every Major.

Take a bow Augusta. Your Masters App is now a tradition unlike any other.

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