“Old Town Road” is the BIGGEST THING in the WORLD right now (apparently)

If you haven’t heard “Old Town Road” or it’s just released remix then you must be living under a….well actually I think it’s physically impossible to have avoid this song now cuz it is EVERYWHERE.

Like apropos of nothing this is what “brands” are tweeting:

It’s more than a song it’s a cultural moment. Where were you when Old Town Road took Over humanity?

Where were you when you found out that Mark Ruffalo and Billy Ray we’re friends?

Back to the actual song tho – 2 Things:

1. The original was like 75 seconds long and the remix with Billy Ray Cyrus is a Grateful Dead level 2 minutes 37 seconds. That is absolutely minuscule for a modern day pop song. And that’s not a bad thing. Way too many songs are unnecessarily long and a return to 1960s style 2 minute pop ditties is more than welcome by the Lil’ Dogg.

Which brings us to point 2 –

2. Lil Nas X – the Lil block is officially FULL. No more Lils. Okay. Good.

But truthfully this Lil is completely split on the Old Town Road hype. Yes it’s catchy as hell but there’s barely anything there. It’s like half a chorus and 1 verse. As for the music itself, an interesting nugget is –

Well chalk this one up to okay sure 🤷🏻‍♂️. There’s been far worse songs that went mega stratosphere- looking at you “Macarena” so I don’t mind going back to the Old Town Road.

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