Idiot Red Sox Ruined their Own Party!

I’m going to say this loud and clear for everyone to hear way in the back

It’s stupid for the Red Sox to have the Patriots as part of their Opening Day.

If the Patriots won, and the Sox had not…fine. It’s a fun little thing, and you can take advantage of their heat, and you get to pretend your owner isn’t so jealous of the franchise 30 miles south that he tacitly allows consistent and well-timed rip jobs to run in his newspaper. A win for everyone.

But this is YOUR day, Red Sox. Keep it to yourselves.

I think the Sox are so PR-conscious that they out-thought themselves here. A source close to Fenway has informed me Henry’s sensitivity to criticism over any perceived Anti-Patriots feelings coming from he, or the Sox has led to him going out of his way to ensuring the Superbowl champs share in his spotlight today. We’ve seen this before. In the aftermath of the idiotic Globe piece saying fan interest in the Patriots has faded, Henry quickly jumped to action and ripped his employee for having written it- all because he took a little heat.

Ironically, I don’t think any rational person would have even thought twice about it if the Pat’s weren’t part of the celebration. Sure, they’ve been there before. We all remember Brady and Gronk rolling around in the grass like a couple of idiots. But that was after a Superbowl championship and a disappointing Red Sox campaign. Not after a Goddamn World Series.

So, on a day where we should all be celebrating the Sox and their 2018 Dominance, instead all the talk has been which Patriots are showing up? Will Kraft be there? What about Bill?

When your GF flirts with a hot bartender, you don’t invite him to your birthday party. Way to go…morons. You ruined your own day.

And to make matters worse, I can’t even enjoy the day. I’m here ranting to myself.

At least save some face and some dignity…and leave the Dropkick Murphy’s at home.

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