Give Us the Robot Umps, Now! #UmpShow

I don’t know what we need to do to accelerate this process. Collective bargaining, act of God, better technology? Whatever it is- even if it means getting Elon Musk involved- robot umps need to happen. And they need to happen now.

In the latest example of an #UMPSHOW (credit Keith Law, I assume), long-noted dick hothead Ron Kulpa, once again placed himself above the game last night. He blows two calls, then tunes his spidey senses to extra-sensi and catches some chatter criticizing his atrocious showing thusfar. How dare someone question the ultimate authority- the Home Plate Umpire?!?!? Well, Kulpa then calls time to point at, and chirp at, what seems to be the entirety of the Astros’ uniformed personnel. Check out the entire incident here:

Note: No idea who Tyler Applegate is, but this was the best video of the incident(s).

I know you “can’t argue balls and strikes”. But the thing is…they weren’t. Kulpa brought the argument to Houston with his umm, showmanship(?). It’s the latest in a series of incidents that find Sir Ron as the aggressor/a-hole.

Then when Hinch does come out (rightfully so) to defend his club, Kulpa seems to be insulted that he’s even being approached. Check out the smug look here, as he eventually runs Hinch.

It gets worse, too. Several people have broken down the film- none better than the below- and you can clearly see Kulpa is saying “I can do whatever I want”. Seriously, with this guy?

You know who wouldn’t make it about themselves? Robots! Well, at least until the robot overlords get their shit together and tighten ranks; but I think we have some good years of baseball between now and then. And in the meantime, the robots would get the goddamn calls correct. It’s very simple to understand. Robot Umps = Better baseball. So, come on, Jester Manfred…make it happen.

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