Suspend Bryce Harper IMMEDIATELY!

There are rules SIR and you have broken them:

This is simply unacceptable. Baseball is a game of class. Tradition and respect rule the diamond. A wonton act of complete disregard for all that is holy can not be allowed.

If Major League Baseball is to continue on as America’s Past-time then Bryce Harper must be suspended. Punishment should be swift and severe or we risk losing control all together.

Yes a player must be allowed to show joy and exuberance when the occasion calls for it but this is beyond the pale.

Will anyone think of the children???????

What would happen if a child witness this act of….gratification???

You could very well see innocent children on playgrounds play acting this grotesque display of enjoyment. What then I say? What then?

This was no mere “Bat Flip”. This was a “release” of pent up aggression. On the sacred ball field no less.

We can’t have this. We can’t. And we won’t.

Suspend Mr. Harper. For the good of America.

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