A Tradition Unlike Any Other – Terrible Looking Draft Hats

Our long national nightmare continues as New Era has released their NFL Draft Day hat collection:

There’s a lot of contenders for the title of Worst Hat and you know that whenever NFL teams compete for anything the New England Patriots will be right there:

Yeah the Pats take the victory here cuz this hat is U-G-L-Y and there is no alibi – it’s just plain bad.

I don’t care what level of die hard fan you are, if you buy this hat there is truly no helping you cuz man o man is this one tragically awful looking piece of head gear.

Not everyone can be as fashion forward as the Lil’ Dogg and that’s okay. The schlubbs of the world are there to make you appreciate true style. But what New Era has done here violates just about all the design principle laws that have ever been created but the biggest sin is their decision to try to jazz up the hats’ bills.

Art on the bill just never looks good and should not even be attempted.

There are s few not completely absurd hats – Dallas is okay, ditto to Green Bay and San Diego* (though if you mess up SD with those beautiful colors then you really ought to just give up altogether) but as you can see it’s basically the most simple ones that look the best.

*They will always be the San Diego Super Chargers

The Draft Day hat is a time honored tradition that sadly has become more about attempting to sell new product than giving these kids a hat that’s worthy of the biggest moment in these athletes lives. But then again that’s the story of modern life I suppose.

Well, see you all in a few months when the inevitable NBA Draft abominations are released.

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