Let’s Talk About “Coach” K

Leader of Men. Molder of Young Minds. An Institution unto Himself. Nike Stooge. Frequent Victim of Back Ailments Just as His Team’s Season is About to Collapse.

Mike Krzyzewski is a lot of things.

But “Coach” is no longer one of them.

Here’s some stats reported by someone else:

The Duke Blue Devils had the most dominant college basketball player in recent memory. A guy who was so far beyond the next best player in the country that there really isn’t even a comparison to make. And this player, I’m talking about Zion here folks just in case anyone is a real dumb dumb, this guy had to basically fight against his own team to get the ball.

Nominally a “coach” is the guy in charge of a team, right? And if said team seems to have no plan, no plays, no cooperation amongst its players – shouldn’t all of that fall on the head of the team – the coach?

Well it does everywhere except when it comes to the team from Durham, North Carolina.


Because The Saint Coach K hugs opposing players ( except for those times when he berates and belittles them if he deems them unworthy) and consoles them in the visiting locker (except for those times when he takes it to the media to dress them down and embarrass them).

And again none of this has anything to do with actual coaching because Coach K stopped coaching basketball somewhere back in the early aughts (goddamnit I wish there was another word to describe the early 2000s).

Run a play for Zion. Any play. A clear out on the left side of the court could have been drawn up by my five year old kid and Duke would have won every game by double digits.

Nobody enjoys dancing on the grave of disappointing Duke teams like the Lil’ Dogg. This pup lives for that shit. But this year is different. This year we are being denied more Zion.

And that folks is unforgivable.

Shame on you Coach K. Shame on you for continuing this charade, this farce. Holding yourself up as some example when in truth you are nothing more than a Nike whore. You send your underlings to do the dirty work and quite literally do no work yourself since you don’t game plan and you certainly don’t “coach” anymore.

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