@OnlyinBOS SHUT DOWN!!! Boston should Rejoice!

Big news in the twitterverse today, as dogshit twitter account- and hi-top arch-nemesis “@OnlyinBOS” has been Suspended!

And we’re gonna dance on their (temporary) grave.

I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of this all morning, and I have some theories on what may have transpired to get this chowderhead suspended.

First off, we can rule out “objectionable” content right away. I mean, as we’ve covered before, in this brutal takedown piece, we find virtually everything they do objectionable…but that’s just because they are he is a hack. I can’t see anyone finding them him offensive. All he really does is tweet out celebrity birthdays, non-landmark anniversaries of unimportant events, and random lists of stupid things with zero criteria to support it. Terrible…but not offensive.

So my two guesses are:

Unauthorized/ Uncredited use of copyrighted material

This is really an easy assumption. All this guy does is retweet shit. Except he doesn’t really retweet it…he copies it and tweets it as his own. Many times, like we covered in the story linked above…it’s stories that are YEARS OLD. He’s never come up with original content in his existence. 3:2 odds this is what took him down.

But the darkhorse choice is….

abusive behavior

Look, we’ve tangled with OIB before. As Lil’ Dogg covered here, we took exception to this grown-man-posing-as-a-college-kid-possibly-a-girl’s take on Jimmy G, and on basically everything. We tweeted at him with #getagrip

We figured a good old fashioned tweetbeef would be good for business. Hell it got a guy elected president (redacted). But…we didn’t get a tweet back. We did however, get a DM, from this thin-skinned, talentless, blowhard:

What a tool! This came after our SECOND tweet @ him.

Clearly, he’s can’t take the heat, and has a hairline trigger. I can see him having come back at someone else, a little harder, and that person reporting him, because well…that’s the way the world works apparently.

Nevertheless, we’re happy about the suspension. A world without @onlyinbos – even if for a short time- is a better world.


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