Divisions, Playoffs and Awards Picks. Go ahead and @ me. I’m right.

These are my Official Division, Playoff, and Awards picks for the 2019 MLB Season. I do this of sound mind, knowing it stands to de-legitimize me as having any baseball knowledge when I blow every one of these. I did ok last year, so let’s see how this goes.

Awards Picks

*I don’t allow myself to pick Trout, because, well, I’d be picking him every year

AL MVP: Alex Bregman. Quietly dominant last year (and a top 5 MVP finish), I’m looking for a next-level breakout.

NL MVP: Ronald Acuna. After predicting Harper will hit 50 HR’s, I should pick him. But Acuna is going to win at least one MVP, and I’d rather be too early than too late. This guy is so much fun to watch play baseball.

AL Cy Young: Gerrit Cole. MVP-Cy sweep for the ‘Stros. This guy was so good last year, and the improvement seems real. The Astros turn pitchers to studs. He’s only 28.

NL Cy Young: Aaron Nola. He was close to unhittable last year, and he’s still improving. The Phillies will be in contention, and he’ll be leading them.

AL ROY: Eloy Jiminez. This isn’t a Vladdy Jr slight, just an endorsement of Eloy’s awesomeness.

NL ROY: Fernando Tatis Jr. The next generation is here…and it is LOADED with STARS.

Manager of the Year: Some dude. Some fans will be pissed it wasn’t their guy. But really….Who cares?

Standings and Playoffs

American League

Division Winners: Astros, Twins, Red Sox

Wild Cards: Rays, Angels

Astros over Rays, Red Sox over Twins.

Astros over Red Sox

National league

Division Winners: Dodgers, Brewers, Nationals

Wild Cards: Cardinals, Phillies

Dodgers over Phillies, Nationals over Brewers.

Nats over Dodgers. (Nats FINALLY get out of the NL)

World Series: Astros over Nationals.

There it is folks. Let’s see how badly I do…..

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