Nothing to see here, just a real life X-Men Mutant

Hey look it’s Patient Zero in the impending real life Mutant Revolution –

So basically we have a living breathing female Wolverine and science now knows why. I’m sure this won’t go very wrong, very quickly.

She thinks pain feels like a “tickle” and has never experienced fear or anxiety.

First off, THANK GOD THIS IS A WOMAN. This Scottish chick gets gifted a super power and never has one ulterior thought, not one evil plan. All she does is live a normal life and breeze her way through child birth.

Now if this was an idiot man, really the possibilities are endless here folks. Then again we probably don’t know of any males who’ve ever been like this cuz they’d end up doing something real stupid real fast and offing themselves pretty quickly. The Lil’ Dogg did some pretty insane stuff on the ol’ Redline BMX back in the day and that was with a healthy dose of fear and anxiety. You give a 9 year old boy a bike and no idea what pain or fear is and I’m pretty sure they’d set up the biggest bike jump in history almost immediately. And then do it again and again and again. Male humans are not smart folks. This would end badly and fast.

Gene mutation is out there already and if one gene can be changed to eliminate pain and fear it’s only a matter of time before scientists figure out what other gene mutations can do. I’ll pass on the blue skin and the skin busting claws but I’ll gladly take the wings or that thing where the dude can teleport from place to place. Anything that involves ways to beat traffic I’m first in line.

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