Hi-Top Top 5 2019 MLB Predictions

The National Pastime is back folks! That’s right let’s play two!

*If only they actually still played double headers. All the cool shit about baseball has been lost or changed unfortunately but let’s save that for a rain delay.

Anywho let’s make some bold predictions about the upcoming 2019 Baseball season shall we.

Top 5 Predictions for the 2019 MLB Season

5. Bryce Harper will struggle

Big Time. It will be a bad year for the bad boy of Philly. Mark it down folks. Harper fails to break 25 ding dongs and bats about .268.

4. Red Sox will have to claw their way into the Post Season

The AL East will be a dog fight. A steel cage ladder match. A lions den. And if the BoSox Get complacent they just might miss the playoffs.

3. Vlad Jr. will go off

MLB service time restrictions are absurd and should be outlawed. Vlad Guerrero Jr is being forced to spend the first part of the season in the minors so the Blue Jays can financially ripple him for years. Yay!!!! Baseball fans lose out on watching a great young talent but eventually they will bring Vlad Jr up and he is going to tear the cover off the ball.

2. The Pedroia Situation is going to get Thorny

Dustin Pedroia is not going to go softly into that good night. The Sox have a real “club house” ticking time bomb on their hands. I don’t know what the solution will be and for the record the Lil’ Dogg is a Dirt Dog fan but this has a real “Nomar” feel to it.

1. Shohei Ohtani will win the Triple Crown

It’s going to be Shoh Time full time at the plate this season and my boy is going to crush it. Just watch this work of art:

Then he’s going to get back on the mound in 2020 and win the Cy Young too. And then we’re really going to have a debate on what he should do.

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