“Versus” is NOT A VERB and “Versing” is NOT A WORD

“Hey stupid kids, stop being so darn stupid.”

File this one under “Old person yelling at the youth” but it needs to be said because we as a society are facing a real serious threat to the continuation of civilization IF THESE DAMN KIDS KEEP USING “VERSUS” AS A VERB.

“Let me versus you” is not something that any child should be allowed to say. Ditto to “I’m versing you next” and “I already versed him”.

The birth of this national nightmare seems to get blamed on video games and most uses of “versus” as a verb are usually in regards to playing someone in said video games.

News Flash – video games have been around for a long while now. And let me tell you not one person between the years 1980-1999 ever used “versus” as a verb. It’s not hard to use the word “play”. Play is a very simple word. “Hey let’s play”. “I’m playing you next.” These are normal things normal people say. I don’t not understand why anyone would utter the non-word “versing” and not immediately think “Gee that sounded really stupid and wrong, maybe that’s not a real word.” But no. Instead they keep finding new and more idiotic ways to twist “versus” into yet another made-up variation of a fake word.

Extreme measures are going to be needed to rid the country of this plague. Hi-Top is calling on all able bodied adults who witness any usage of the word or related word forms of “versus” as a verb to take immediate action as necessary. We will let you decide how best to handle the situation.

This is a call to action folks. The future of the world is at stake and it’s us versus them.

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