The Perfect Bracket

48 for 48 – What if I told you there is some one who has correctly predicted every single game through the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament? This is One Shining Bracket.

As far as anyone knows nobody has ever correctly filled out a completely perfect bracket. The odds are like 1:165378095358989779 Trillion (don’t check that math) and by looking at the Picks this person has in the rest of the tournament I don’t think it is going to far out on a limb to say that this perfect bracket is about to get busted and this dude (or dudette) might not even win their own pool. They could conceivably go 1-4 in the Elite Eight games. And have no teams in the Championship.

But then again they have gone 48 for 48 so far so maybe they do know something that nobody else does and that means only one thing –

Further evidence that TIME TRAVEL EXISTS.

As we have said before, if you were a time traveler you really could not do the big things that people claim they would do. How exactly are you going to kill Hitler???? You can’t. But you could travel back in time and fill out an online March Madness bracket and nail every game. And listen if Kentucky beats UNC and makes it to a Championship game against Gonzaga then you better believe this person is a Time Traveler.

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