All-Time Hi-Top Guy – PJ Stock

Hey Boston…..not sure if you’re aware of this but we have a pretty great team in town this year….

The Boston Bruins, the Causeway Street Bullies, the Bad Boys of Beantown are having themselves a season. Our breathless coverage of the B’s has been quite literally without breathe (or actual coverage) so instead let’s celebrate a real Boston legend to honor our Bruins:

P.J. Stock

P.J. Stock was five foot nothin’, a hundred and nothin’, 75% heart and 25% fisticuffs.

I’m not sure what position he played or whether he ever spent any time on the ice not engaged in a fight but really none of that matters cuz Stock was what you call an old school brawler.

Fighter was his position.

Long Live PJ Stock and Let’s Go Bruins.

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