Ja Rules

The Madness is in full swing and although we have yet to get a buzzer beater (due to some absolutely terrible late game management across the board and other news water is wet) but we did get the emergence of Ja Morant – FULL BLOWN SUPERSTAR.

The Murray St. Guard put on a clinic, messing around and getting a Triple Double in the win over Marquette.

Ja was always on time:

He’s Real:

He wanted that old thing back:

It’s Murda:

Now those in the know have known about Ja all season long but for all the new comers and Johnny Come Latelys out there here’s the skinny – The dude can ball. And he’s played his way into Top 5 Draft Status throughout the season but with the struggles of some of the bigger named Freshman throughout the year Ja just might all the way up to #2 behind Zion.

And that’s where the buck stops. Anybody trotting out a Ja Over Zion Take is just pure trolling. Nobody is passing over Zion. Just not happening. But I don’t see how you can argue Cam Reddish or RJ Barrett Over Ja after what took place all season long. Sure some other guys might still have “higher ceilings” or the dreaded “potential” but Ja has proven that he’s a special player and he’s getting it done on the big stage. Now I’m gonna make a comparison here but it’s purely situational- there was another Mid-Major guard who showed up on the big stage a few years ago and he’s done quite well for himself at the next level – Mr. Steph Curry.

Not sayin’. Just sayin’.

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