Chris Sale Extension?

The hot rumor now is that Chris Sale is going to agree to an extension with the Sox. It’s believed the deal will be roughly 5 years and 150 million.

Obviously, I like the idea of having Sale around for longer than this season…but is this deal smart for a guy who’s over 30, is a string bean, has a delivery that screams “arm injury” and is coming off a season he couldn’t finish because of a shoulder issue? Well…maybe.

The obvious plus is…the guy is as dominant as we’ve ever seen. That is not opinion…it’s fact. He has the BEST K/9 inning and K/BB ratios OF ALL TIME.

Like anything else, though, this comes down to the terms of the deal.

I think he’s probably got 3 good years, and then he could be an “off the cliff” type guy. So, 5 years is really the max I’m good with. If it’s 5 on top of  2019, I don’t like it. Truthfully, I’d want to give him 3 years (and I’ve heard the Sox were thinking the same)- like Kershaw’s 3yr/93M deal. If I were them, I’d have gone up to 110M (36.6/year) to do it. But because Kershaw has way more questions about his injuries and effectiveness than Sale, this deal may have been selling himself short.

Sale probably looked at deals like Greinke and Price’s, and wanted 7 years, and over 200M. When you consider that, relatively speaking, $150M seems like decent number. It’s also, somewhat ironically, almost the exact number they wouldn’t pay Jon Lester 4 years ago. Given what’s gone on since then, this could actually be a steal.

So, one side was looking at 3 years, the other at 7…settle on 5. Nobody’s happy, that means it’s a good deal all around.

With the rate guys have been signing extensions, and with the Sox depleted farm system, it wouldn’t be easy to land another front of the rotation starter. It might be worth it to lock up the string bean you have.

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