Hi-Top Top 5 – Most Entertaining Teams In March Madness History

This is not about best or most dominant or greatest or anything like that. This is simply the Top 5 teams that brought out the most joy, the most fun, the most entertaining runs in March Madness tournament history.

Hi-Top Top 5 Most Entertaining March Madness Teams

5. 2018 Loyola Chicago

No recency bias here cuz Loyola Chicago’s Final Four run was quite simply unbelievable. Sure plenty of people thought they were a good team before the tournament but NO ONE could have guessed the miracle Cinderella run to the Final Four. And sure it got to be just a little too much with Sister Jean and her never ending quest for attention but even disregarding all that what the team actually accomplished on the court might never be duplicated.

4. 1990 Loyola Marymount

Continuing the Loyola theme with a different school from a different era, the 1990 LM team was heartbreaking, thrilling and undeniable to route for. If you don’t know the Hank Gathers story do yourself a favor and get to googling. But even beyond that tragedy this team was basketball on crack, 1000 mph all game with epic point totals. And they were damn good, making it all the way to the Elite Eight before losing 131-101 (yes really in a 40 minute college game – the YouTube video above is of their Second Round game against Michigan which they won 149-115 – yeah this team was nuts) to UNLV.

3. 1994 Arkansas

The only champions on our list, the 40 Minutes of Hell Razorbacks not only we’re great but they were fun too which is not often something you can say about most college teams. That Scotty Thurman 3 in the Title game against Duke will forever be one of the most iconic March Madness moments.

2. 2013 Florida Gulf Coast by way of Dunk City

Dunk City. Need I say more. This team was the definition of fun. They appeared out of nowhere playing a brand of basketball that seemed to defy all logic and gravity. It was as if they were reinventing the game itself and that alley-oop OH MY GAWD!!!

1. 2010 Northern Iowa

Northern Iowa beating #1 seeded Kansas in the second round of the 2010 tournament might just be my favorite basketball game ever played. The onions on Ali Farokhmanesh!!!!! That game was so damn thrilling I can still remember my heart beating out of my chest. And they played their hearts out in their loss to MSU too but damn that win over the Jayhawks. The Northern Iowa’s of the world just weren’t supposed to beat the Legendary Programs and here they were just going right at KU. Now that’s what March Madness is all about.

Honorable Mentions – All the UNLV Teams (damn the NCAA needs that program back), 1996 Syracuse (When The Cuse is in the House Oh My God), 1990 Georgia Tech (Young Kenny Anderson was something else), 1997 Providence (God)

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