Never Miss a Hard Out and Other Life Lessons from Triple Frontier

Is Triple Frontier a great movie?

No. Almost but not quite.

Is Triple Frontier a MUST WATCH movie?

Yes. Definitely yes.

Triple Frontier is Netflix’s attempt to make an 80s/90s style Hard R Action Movie and for that fact alone the movie should be commended. Nobody is making movies like this and that truly is a sad fact in a sad world. 99% of all movies made today are based on comic books and the other 1% are G rated kids flicks. There are simply no “Adult” (no not that “Adult” just like for grown-ups “Adult”) movies and certainly no non-superhero Action films.

Unfortunately Triple Frontier is like 3 great lines away from being a true classic and instead it settles for merely being pretty good and entertaining. The main plot is your typical “1 last job then we retire rich” set up but what sets the movie apart is the cast. Ben Affleck headlines but add in Oscar Isaac, Garret Hedlund, Charlie Hunnam, and Pedro Pascal and you have yourself quite the crew.

Quick Break to Power Rank The Crew –

5. Ironhead

4. Pope

3. Benny

2. Redfly

1. Catfish

100 bucks to anyone who can tell Charlie Hunnam and Garrett Hedlund apart – not sure which one was Ironhead and which one was Benny but they’re supposed to brothers (I think) so it works that they look alike. In a twist Benny is the hot head and Ironhead is well I’m not sure who Ironhead is supposed to be. The conscience of the group sort I guess. Pope should be the cool one and Isaac is normally great in everything but he’s let down by the script here. Need a few better scenes to really establish the character. Affleck’s Redfly is the gang’s former military commander. I’ll avoid the spoilers but Redfly is definitely the one you end up thinking about the most for good and bad reasons.

And then there’s Catfish. First off, Pedro Pascal is on quite a run. This dude was Oberyn Martell for crissakes. Now Catfish is nowhere near that level but he should have been. If Shane Black had written this movie he would have been but instead by sheer force of Pedro Pascal’s will Catfish is the most interesting and relatable member of the crew. Long live Fish.

Top 5 Triple Frontier Life Lessons

TF may be a knuckle dragging heist/action flick but it’s one with principles damnit. Break the TF rules and you will pay dearly.

5. It’s not enough to just have the toys, you gotta know how to use them

The bad guys learn this lesson hard.

4. Greed is Bad

At every turn those that are greedy pay a price. Unlike Wall St. when you are in the Triple Frontier greed is not good.

3. You can judge a man by how he treats his donkey

Just be careful on the ledges.

2. Weight limits are there for a reason

Obey aircraft weight limits. It’s really that simple.

1. Never miss a hard out

A hard out is a hard out and you NEVER miss a hard out. And if you do well then bad things are going to happen but sometimes that’s the price of being a warrior.

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