Hi-Top Golf – Wild Finish at the Player’s Championship

Now that was a Sunday Final at a Golf Tournament.

Rory McIlroy is your 2019 Player’s Championship Winner and hats off to him honestly. The Lil’ Dogg gives Rory Mac a lot of guff, mostly for his propensity to complain about dumb shit but also cuz he hasn’t really closed out a tournament in a while but he did the damn thing and played lights out when it mattered.

The Ghost of Old Jim Furyk

Walk it in Jim!

Jim Furyk is 48 years old and he is saucy! What a Sunday charge by the old guy with the Highlander-esque eternal Fluff on the bag. Honestly it was the performance of Furyk that seemed to be the undoing of the youngsters Fleetwood and Rahm. They saw where they needed to get to to catch Furyk in the clubhouse and just unraveled.

The Spanish Bull

There was a lot of talk about Jon Rahm “maturing” and if disregarding your caddy’s wise advice and then getting heated when you promptly drop one in the drink is “maturing” then I’m not quite sure what “immature” is.

But you know what, Rahm is a hot head and that’s the way we like him so do you Rahm, do you!

The Heartbreak Kid

Fleetsy! Oh my Fleets! You broke my heart Tommy!

Fleetwood Mac had a stunning Eagle on 16 to get right back into the thick of it:

Then went swimming on 17.

And you know what, good on ya lad for going for it on the Island Green. He’ll be better for it in the long run. Just next time make the shot you beautiful bastard.

All in all this really is exactly what the PGA Tour needed heading into the Spring. Moving the Player’s back to March and having an exciting weekend as we look towards the Masters gets the golf juices flowing. If New England wasn’t entirely covered in slush and mud right now the Hi-Top Office would be closed and an executive declaration for an office golf outing would have been immediate.

The green grass can’t get here fast enough folks. It’s officially GLF SZN

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