Looks Like Zion is A-OK

Our long national nightmare is over folks. Zion Williamson is doing just fine and looks to be fully recovered from the Exploding Shoe Conundrum.

Yeah I think the knee is just fine.

Zion was a perfect 13-13 from the field is in first game back, scoring 29 in a Dookie win over the Cuse in ACC Tourny action.

Zion did a little of this:

And a little of this:

As for ShoeGate things were apparently fixed by Nike sending their “Top Guys” to personally fit Zion with custom kicks. Presumably they also went to Durham with a briefcase full of bills and spent the majority of their time begging Zion not to sign with another Shoe company after Zion was pictured wearing an Adidas sweatshirt on campus (which intentional or not is a genius move).

Things are no back to normal. It’s Zion’s World once again. Let the Madness begin.

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