Aunt Becky Did What??? (Updated)

From the Gawd Darren Rovell:

How rude!

I’ve read and read this article a half dozen times and I’m still confused as to who did what and why.

So the students are pretending to be athletes in order to get into to top schools?!?!?!?!?

Oh Mylanta!

Cut it Out! Cuz I see a few flaws in that plan.

And what the hell are Aunt Becky and Felicity Huffman doing here???? Like that point is not explained AT ALL.

So confused. Someone please explain the below excerpt to me. Please:

So the colleges didn’t know what was happening but the coaches did????

You got it Dude!

The only possible explanation that makes any sense is that rich people were bribing coaches to pretend to recruit their non-athlete kids so they could then get into these schools with less than stellar grades. Right????

If anyone else has more info on why Aunt Becky is up on Federal charges please drop Hi-Top a line and “Have Meeeeeeercy”.

Just don’t touch the hair, hey!


So apparently this is a case of rich people doing crazy shit to get their brat kids into college and the numbers coming out are INSANE.

Damn rich people.

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