Hi-Top Salutes the Crue

On March 22 Netflix is set to release The Dirt a movie (based on the classic book by the same name) about Motley Crue. Peep the trailer:

In honor of this momentous occasion we here at Hi-Top have decided to go deep on the 80s most underrated and infamous band.

The Crue truly were the sum of its four parts so looks take a gander at each member.

Nikki Sixx

In a decade full of over the top Rock Stars not many were more absolutely absurd than Mr. Sixx. The dude was flat out ridiculous looking for 10 years.

His eye black game was truly exceptional. The founder of the Crue was also its driving force. Nikki basically willed the band to success and (surprisingly to many) wrote most of the band’s songs.

Tommy Lee

Its not often that a band’s drummer is its most famous member (shout out to Phil Collins) but Tommy definitely takes that crown for the Crue mostly due to his outstanding list of better halves. Forget about the Pam Anderson year’s, the most impressive thing Tommy has ever done was nabbing peak Heather Locklear while looking like this:

Vince Neil

From this:

To this:

Has anyone fallen off a cliff faster and harder than Vince Neal? Ouch.

Also Vince punched Izzy and that’s just an unforgivable sin. You don’t mess with Izzy.

Mick Mars

Ol’ Mick was like 45 years old in 1988 so he’s gawddamn ancient these days. But his riffs were definitely the band’s secret weapon. Dr. Feelgood the riff is an effing monster that can go toe to toe with anything AC/DC ever did.

Best Unsubstantiated Motley Crue Rumor

There are many but a personal favorite is that when the band toured there was actually another band hidden on stage behind the curtain playing all the music.

Hi-Top Top 5 Crue Songs

5. Without You

4. Live Wire

3. Same Ol Situation

2. Home Sweet Home

1. Dr. Feelgood

Legacy of Motley Crue

The Crue gets unfairly lumped in with the 80s Hair Metal scene. Yes they basically invented the look of that much maligned genre but in terms of sound they were straight Hard Rock/Glam. Poison, Warrant, Bob Jovi etc. those were Pop groups cashing in on the look of “Metal”. The Crue were never that. They just enjoyed dressing up. Musically the highs of Motley Crue are as good as any Hard Rock out there. Conversely their bad songs are just plain awful and even their best album Dr. Feelgood has plenty of throwaway filler songs. But when they were on, they were ON surpassed only by Guns N Roses really as far as true 80s Hard Rock goes.

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