Canseco v A-Rod: Our Experts Weigh In

Just in case you’re unaware of the biggest story in the world right now

Last night, shit got real on the Twitter. Little more than 24 hours after dropping engagement news:

A-Rod was smack dab in the middle of a twitter war with Jose Canseco.

Well, when I say in the middle of, I basically mean A-Rod did nothing while Jose Canseco was figuratively alone in a dark, tackily-decorated room, screaming at the top of his lungs as he tweeted. And…when I say figuratively, I’m 100% sure that’s exactly what he was doing.

We’re committed to full coverage on this ongoing saga as it unfolds. As part of this coverage, I’ve reached out to some distinguished experts for their opinions on a potential fight between the two former MLB Stars, as proposed by Canseco.

Here is the discussion as it unfolded:

Kucharski: “I’m pretty sure A-Rod would pound him”

Slavin:  “I don’t know. A-Rod did those designer, fancy steroids. Canseco did weightlifting steroids, that turn you into a F******* crazy person”

Le Cap:  “Jose has definitely done drugs previously reserved for horses and East German Weightlifters”

Slavin: “Something tells me he’s still ripped. And he’s a loose cannon. A-Rod is polished, and cares about his image.

Cunnion: “A-Rod is bigger and a much better athlete.”

Slavin: “True, but crazy has to count for something. Give me an unstable steroid addict with nothing to lose any day”

Le Cap: “Jose is way older…and has lived hard”

Cunnion:  “A Rod has the reach advantage. A couple of well-placed jabs and it’s ‘NO WAY, JOSE”

As you can see, our panel of experts are torn on this. And while this conversation provides almost zero actual insight, Slavin’s point about Jose being crazy with nothing to lose is a great one…and in this type of grudge match, would be more important than A-Rod’s reach. I’d make Canseco the favorite.

There are definite signs pointing to crazy, btw. Rapid tweeting in the face of no response, escalating to challenging to a fight even though he got no response, sitting and watching that Dance show, and sliding J-Lo his digits ON A TWEET are standouts to me.

Also of note, Cunnion is very impressed with his last line. I must admit, it made me chuckle. Top notch bad pun.

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