Hi-Top Golf – Rickie Takes a Drop

PGA Pros have had some interesting takes on the all new Rules of Golf but on Thursday during the opening round of the Honda Classic Rickie Fowler took things to a whole new level.

Rickie’s dump drop during round one was a direct shot at the USGA and rightfully so. Of all the new convoluted rule changes the insistence that players drop from knee height rather than shoulder height might just be the most absurd. Sure it makes sense on a base level. The closer to the ground the ball is dropped the less likely it is to roll far from the initial drop spot.

But let’s have some common sense folks. Sometimes something just looks so ridiculous that you have to say, “This is just too stupid.”

So good on Rickie for taking this one to the absolute absurd extreme and “dumping” it on the feet of the USGA.

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