Hi-Top Officially Declares “Crazy Guy at the Gym” Videos O-V-E-R

First off, the Lil’ Dogg refuses to link to any of these “viral gym videos” cuz they all suck so let’s get that out of the way.


That guy swinging a sword in the gym. FAKE.

That hardo bench pressing his hot girlfriend instead of weights. FAKE.

That lunatic running like Phoebe from Friends on the treadmill. FAKE.

Every single one of these videos is created explicitly to be put on the Internet. And sadly it seems to be working because a new one goes “viral” daily. And all the suckers repost and retweet and share and like these obviously manufactured bits of content.

Now if you are in on this and don’t care and still actually enjoy this “entertainment” well then this pup has nothing to say to you other than maybe reevaluate your life. Just a thought.

But for those that genuinely think these things are funny well I hate to break this to ya but you are part of the problem.

We all need to collectively say enough is enough with this shit and Hi-Top is here to lead the charge like we always do.

Gym videos are OVER.

You’re welcome.

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