Eject this Kid!!!

First off, all the props in the world to how Russell Westbrook handled this whole situation. In 30 seconds Westbrook out parented this little shits own father, who by the looks of it doesn’t do much parenting at all.

You don’t touch the players!

Look it is as simple as that. I don’t care that this is a kid. You are sitting court side. The very first words out of this father’s mouth when they got to the seats should have been “Stay off the court and don’t touch the players.”

Now of course ejecting the kid would have had every type of Internet Asswipe up in arms. It’s actually kind of a waste that we didn’t get to watch this perfect shitstorm unfold. Just imagine how many different types of people would have been offended all at the same time. This one would have ticked off all the boxes. Oh well.

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