No Joke: The Padres are (about to be) for REAL

I’m here to talk about the “Breaking” News that Manny Machado has signed with the San Diego Padres. Granted, that happened Tuesday, but based on the pace of Hot Stove Season…I’m working quickly.

Baseball’s offseason is messed up and needs to be fixed. But thoughts of any real collusion, or overwhelming market correction are pretty much debunked by the biggest Free Agent contract ever.

Look, Manny Machado has acted like a dick on the field, spiking dudes all over the place. Off the field he claimed hustling is really not his jam. He played on the biggest stage there is heading into free agency, and fell flat on his ass….

But the dude is still a Stud, and he’s 26. This is a huge signing. One that most people seem to be guffawing about

They are calling the Padres Irrelevant. Claiming he’ll never see a playoff series. And then there is this guy

But ALLOW ME TO INFORM YOU OF SOMETHING, FRIEND! The Padres will be on top of the NL West. It won’t be this year, but within 2 years they’ll be a 90+ win team, and a real NL Contender.

They have the best farm system in baseball, including the universally accepted #2 Prospect, Fernando Tatis Jr. They have 8 to 10 of the top 100 prospects in baseball…. and these aren’t all young guys who are years away. Most of them are close to the majors. Behind them are some who profile to be future top 100’s. That’s important on a couple of fronts:

  • They have PLENTY of ammo to shop for proven players, firstly a front-line starter
  • Around Machado, they’ll field a low cost team with guys under control so they’ll still have money to spend to fill out the team (otherwise known as THE PROVEN WAY TO WIN IN BASEBALL see: Cubs, Astros, Red Sox, Yankees, Every other competitive team)

Now, just a quick note….

I am the guy who told you- well, not you, but anyone else who was listening- in early 2014 that the 2017 World Series would be Astros vs Cubs…when both teams were coming off 96+ loss seasons. Technically, I was wrong…they didn’t face each other…because they both won, in ’16 and ’17. I’m not always right, but 60% of the time, I’m right every time.

So you better listen to me when I tell you….the Padres are on that track. This wasn’t a fish taco signing…this is a legit, big-time baseball move.

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