Hi-Top Golf – Matt Kuchar is the Worst #TeamTucan

Ah the story that just won’t go away. Back in November Matt Kuchar won the Mayakoba Classic in Mexico for a cool $1.26 million. On his bag for the week was a local caddie nicknamed El Tucan. In the wake of the win stories started leak about how much (or little) notorious tightwad Kuchar paid his caddie. Reports had it at $3,000 for the week and people were not happy.

Hi-Top stayed out of the fray cuz normally our policy is to highlight the good stuff and stay away from negative take downs. And to be fully honest the Lil’ Dogg is not a Kuchar fan. Something about the guy rubs me wrong. I don’t like the cut of his jib and well come to find out, always trust your instincts.

Matt Kuchar sucks.

This dude not only pocketed 1.26 mill for that Mexico win but he’s made north of $45 million in his career on the course, not to mention his absolutely thrilling endorsement deal with the likes of hot on the streets brands like Sketchers.

This guy is swimming in cash like Scrooge McDuck.

By all reports El Tucan lives a pretty meager life working as a day caddie at a resort and trying to support his family. And Mr. 45 Million thinks he’s being generous giving the guy 5 grand.

This should have been a slam dunk. You toss Tucan, who you spent the week with happily posing for pictures by the by, a cool $50,000 and Kuchar is an absolute hero. That’s half a standard winnings cut for a Tour caddie. And it’s literal pennies to Kuchar.

But no. Now he’s digging in his heels. And for that he rightfully should be booed at every course from here to the Pacific and every where in between.

Matt Kuchar sucks. That’s an Official Hi-Top Corporate Policy right there.

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