Hi-Top Golf – Get to know Akshay Bhatia

Who: Akshay Bhatia

Why: Bhatia, the World’s top ranked junior is forgoing college and turning pro when he reaches 18 years old.

Fast Facts

Age: 17 (just barely)

Swing:  Left

Country: USA

Career Tour Wins: 0 Pro wins since he isn’t pro yet but Bhatia just won the Jones Cup to go along with dozens of junior wins.

Why Akshay Bhatia is a Hi-Top Guy

First off, look at him:

The dude looks like he should be Head Nerd in Charge of Nerd Stuff at your local Nerd School. But instead he’s the best amateur golfer in the world and he’s only 17 (*Kip Winger voice*).

And the dude is nails. Just watch:

The Wake Forest, NC resident is still in High School and could presumably take his pick of any college in the country but instead he has announced that he will turn pro at 18.

Which means we are still a full year away from getting to watch Bhatia take on the worlds best. So file this one under One to Watch.

*Ed. Note – Yes this entire post was one long excuse to make a Winger joke and dammit it was worth it. But also this kid is really really really good at golf.

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