MLB Talk: Pitchers Should Not Be Hitting

It’s rule change discussion time for MLB.

Let’s hope Rob “The Jester” Manfred can get some of this stuff through- though it seems like he’s pushing everything off until next year, because he’s afraid of the MLBPA.

Some of the main points being discussed are:

  • 20-second Pitch Clock
  • Minimum of 3 batters for a reliever
  • Moving or lowering the mound
  • Universal DH

The pitch clock is a no-brainer to me. It’d make the most impact. The game will move a lot faster, which is what MLB needs most. It will cost pitchers velocity- proven scientific fact- but, hey…everyone throws 97 anyway. I’m a strong YES.

Minimum batters is something I’ve always been against. I don’t like rules that hamstring strategy. However, I’m not going to cry in my finely crafted New England IPA because a couple of 34 year old side-arming lefty specialists who couldn’t touch 90 MPH in an Audi may find their jobs at risk. You should have been good enough to start. “Adapt or die”- Brad Pitt. Fewer pitching changes are better for the game, and this rewards pitchers who are good enough to pitch to anyone. This one is a YES for me.

Moving/lowering the pitchers mound is monumentally stupid, and should be laughed out of the room immediately. Probably will cause injuries. And they’ve already juiced the balls to help offense. The pitch clock will help offenses too…and why don’t you just dick around with the strike zone?

Universal DH. YES, YES, YES. This needs to be implemented right away. Pitchers hitting is horrible. Even the ones that are “great” at it, are terrible. Madison Bumgarner has a career OPS+ of 49 (100 is league average). 49?! He has struck out 215 times in 603 plate appearances. 10 MLB players had higher slugging % last year than MadBum’s career OPS. He is an utter embarrassment as a hitter, and he’s the best one. Why are people so obsessed with this? Is it because of the double switch- the most overrated concept of strategy? Only AL fans think this is brain surgery, because we don’t see it all the time. It’s not splitting the atom here.

Keeping the separate rules is supported by old stodgy BBWAA members, because they don’t know what else to do with themselves. If you find yourself on their side of any argument, you may want to rethink your position. Universal DH makes for a better product, and that is not really debatable.

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