Move the Pitching Mound? Heresy!

Who is this Jayson Stark? HBT Opinion Giver would like a word, Sir!

Yes it is I, HBT Opinion Giver, and I am here to defend the honor, ne the LEGACY of our National Past Time, Base Ball.

60 Feet 6 Inches!

These words are woven into the very fabric of American Life in the same way as Four Score and Seven Years Ago. These are not merely simple measurements but rather deeply ingrained philosophical signposts of what it means to be a Man of Sport.

What is a Pitcher if he is not 60 feet and 6 Inches away from his adversary?

Nothing, I say. He is nothing.

The very thought of moving the distance between hurler and batsman is the height of Treason and from my esteemed position as the preeminent Base Ball Scholar and member of the Royal Society for the Advancement and Preservation of Base Ball History and Folklore, Coppersville Montana Chapter I must call for the immediate life time ban of any person or persons who dare to even think the unthinkable.

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