Philadelphia 76ers are All In after latest trade

Here’s a pro tip – if everyone and their mother is discussing a trade before it happens… it ain’t gonna happen.

The real trades come out of nowhere like what the Philadelphia 76ers did last night:

Now that’s a trade.

And that makes 2 blockbusters on the year for the Sixers.

Tobias Harris has been pretty great for the Clippers this year so adding him in with Embiid-Simmons-Butler-Reddick plus Boban coming off the bench, well that is certainly something. At least the Sixers must think so cuz they are giving up the future for this.

Does this latest move leap frog the Sixers over Toronto, Milwaukee and Boston? On paper maybe but thankfully the games are played on the court.

However if the Sixers also had like a PG who could shoot a 3 or a #1 pick type player….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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