Hi-Top Golf – The Celebrities at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am are a Who’s Who of “Who’s that?”

The full list of participants in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am has been released and its more “Who’s that?” than who’s who:

There are some standouts of course. Everybody’s best pal Bill Murray will be tucking it up once again. Can’t wait to see what hilarious outfit he wears. Rest assured we will be breaking news to cover that hot topic.

I spy a few Rock Legends – Pat Monahan and Huey Lewis along with quite a few country stars. You know those “beer drinking truck driving aw shucks we’re just country folk” guys who in no way actually live in gated golf course communities with butlers and fine art collections.

Ol’ Rick Disney got paired up with Andrew Putnam, just a couple of self made men with no connections at all. Real boot strap guys. Only in America folks.

Hey Dick don’t call me Dicky Barrett. His caddie will be in plaid and doesn’t carry the bag, he just dances.

Does Larry the Cable Guy really need to still go by the full title??? Perhaps he should change it to Larry the Netflix Guy?????? Just a thought. Stay relevant Larry or your career just might suffer.

As you can see this is “Must See” stuff folks. The smart money is on Larry Fitz to take the low amateur though I hear Romo hits ’em just as well as he talks. Just don’t ask him to hold for a field goal.

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