Nitpicking a million little things that the TV show A Million Little Things gets wrong about Boston

There’s a show on network TV (yes that still does exist) called A Million Little Things and it happens to be set in our fair city of Boston.

Now up front let me say the Lil’ Dogg is not an avid watcher of this program so as far as the ins and outs of who is doing what and why, I have no clue. But the Missus is A Million Little Things devotee and so on occasion I do catch bits and pieces.

And let me tell ya, not a single writer on this show is from Boston or apparently has ever spent more than 10 seconds in the city cuz they get just about everything wrong.

Fictional worlds don’t have to matchup exactly to their real world counter part. I could care less if a character makes it from Downtown Crossing to the South End in 30 seconds. But if they say, “Hey let’s take the Subway” well now I have an issue.

And that’s precisely what happens on AMLT. Last nights episode was plotted around a new “Subway Stop” being built in Cambridge and every character involved kept saying “Subway”.


If you are going to set a story in a particular city the absolute least you could do is use the most basic vernacular associated with that place. I have spent precisely 10 minutes of my life in Chicago but even I know they call their transit system the “L”. I’ve never stepped foot in San Francisco but I know that they take the Trolley. This is not quantum physics here folk. Different cities have different names for their transit systems. If you are going to make the effort to pick a real life locale for your story how do you not take 2 seconds to Google the city and read its Wiki page??????

Do I want all the characters walking around talking about going to Dunks and saying “wicked pissah”? No that’s just as fake in the opposite direction but there is a happy middle where you get the “little things” right and it makes your show feel more lived in, more real.

And if anyone associated with A Million Little Things happens to read this, the Lil’ Dogg is more than willing to help out as a script doctor. I’ll set ya straight on all the do’s and dont’s of Boston and I assure you my fees are reasonable.

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