Edelman HOF? Long Way to Go

In the latest example of “This is why we can’t have nice things: Patriots edition”, in the immediate aftermath of SBLIII, the discussion has jumped light years ahead to: Is Julian Edelman a Hall of Famer?

Right now? Nope. Not a chance.

Now, I’m assuming hoping the subtext is “if he has another 3+ years of similar production”. So let’s do that.

These are Edelman’s Career Regular Season Stats:

I’m going to be generous, and give the soon-to-be 33 year old, similar production over the next 3 seasons. Let’s put him at 750-8400-45 for regular season…where would those stack up?

Receptions- 45th all time; Yards- 83rd; TD’s- 163rd. Clearly not HOF worthy on their own, but now we’re at least talking. So let’s examine his case, with these “adjusted” career numbers.

The Case for Edelman

Since people are arguing his postseason record is ALREADY enough to get him in, we’re not going to project any more…it’s going to stand as is. Here are the numbers:

Very impressive indeed. 2nd all time in Rec and Yards. 43rd for TD’s.

Clearly if there is a playoff HOF, Edelman gets in. No doubter.

For me…it’s not a matter of whether or not I think Edelman should get in. With our adjusted regular season totals, plus this playoff resume, I would put him in. But I also think there are 3 candidates in a similar boat- better regular seasons than Edelman, and also excellent post season records- and have not gotten the call to Canton.

Hines Ward

Whoa! Hines is not smiling

Hines Ward bothered me to my core, because I fucking HATE the Steelers. And because I was sick of announcers pointing out he always smiled. But, he was great, and quite frankly he scared the shit out of me as a Pats’ fan. Slam dunk he’s a better player than Edelman. More skills, equally tough… and clutch.

He has multiple SB rings, and a SB MVP. He had 5 100-yard playoff games (Edelman has 6), and an absolutely lethal 10 playoff TD’s. He is more deserving of a bust than Edelman, and I don’t actually think that’s debatable.

Wes Welker

He’s the OG Edelman. Regular season, it’s Welker over Jules, no contest. He had 5 110-plus catch seasons (Edelman has one 100 catch) and made 2 All Pro teams.

Post season? Ehhhhhh. Great totals. He had 3 100-yard games, including a big one in SB XLII, but ultimately it comes down to dropping the pass in XLVI. That soured me (and I think Giselle) forever on Welker, and it kills me to even put him on this list because of it. But, the fact is, he’s a borderline HOF’er, and his case can’t be ignored because he played the same position in the same offense.

Rod Smith

Rod was a baller on some great teams. He played in a RB era, and also always had Rice, Tim Brown, Moss, The Playmaker and Lil Dogg fave Herman Moore competing for highlights, so was often overlooked. This has definitely hurt his HOF Case. But the dude had two 100-catch seasons (when that meant something) and EIGHT 1,000 yard seasons, including 1,602(!) in 2000.

Rod played fewer playoff games than Edelman, and catch total is underwhelming, but was a key part of 2 Super Bowl Champs, and arguably should have been the SB XXXIII MVP, taking an 80 yarder to the house, and finishing with 152 yards.

Ultimately, I think Ward gets in. Best of the bunch.

I’d actually put the odds on Edelman next, IF he reaches those projections. They’re going to be looking for HOF-worthy candidates from this dynasty, and he’s probably not done adding to the playoff numbers either.

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