Hi-Top Golf – The Loudest Hole on Tour

It’s Waste Management Week!

The PGA Tour stops in Scottsdale for the annual party that is the Phoenix Open and center stage will be the 16th Hole:

The par-3 16th is the closest golf gets to recreating a typical “sports arena” atmosphere. Golfers literally enter through a tunnel. In fact it’s almost more WWF than NBA. There are rumors that this year’s tourney may even feature walk up music.

The grand stand holding 20,000 fans encompasses the entire 190 yard hole.

The 16th truly is a one of a kind hole and that’s what makes it special. One could argue that a few more of these types of Par-3s on Tour especially in some of the more exotic locales would not be a bad thing but certainly one at every event would be overkill. No worries though cuz it’s a minor miracles the stodgy suits who run the Tour even allow this to happen at all.

It’s the dead of winter and 90% of America is stuck in the throws of a Westeros level deep freeze so being able to watch a party in the desert while some of the worlds best (at least those that don’t take pay checks from murderous dictators) tee it up is a nice distraction.

Fingers crossed for another moment like this:

Still a party even without the grandstand but can you imagine would it’d be like these days?????

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