Shave the Brow cuz AD Ain’t It. Why the Celtics should stay away from Anthony Davis.

A lot of talk around Hi-Top HQ regarding the Boston Celtics and their intentions toward the newly available Anthony Davis.

Your boy Benny Gloves is all in on the Celtics dealing away the future for a shot at the Pelicans 7 foot Center who in his can in Benny’s words’ “switch on D, shot the 3* and block shots”.

*more on this myth in a moment

Benny and Le Cap are all in on dealing away Jayson Tatum in return for AD this summer but the Lil’ Dogg says, “Wait a minute here folks” and here’s why.

The 3 Point Myth

Davis is often described as a 7 Foot center with 3 point range. And like most things the truth is somewhere between the reality and perception. Sure AD occasionally launches a 3 that makes you think he’s some revolutionary stretch Center on Offense but let’s take a look at the actual numbers:

He’s shooting more now (3 a game) then he ever had but at 32% I’m not shaking in my boots when Davis lines up a long range bomb.

Tatum on the other hand has a shooting stroke with Steph/Klay like potential. Tatum could be an all-timer. Emphasis on could of course but for me it’s not worth the risk dealing him away.

Age ain’t nuthin’ but a number (or is it?)

Davis is 26. Tatum 20. 7 footers have quick and swift falls from grace. Sure AD is not your traditional plodding big man but you are looking at maybe 6 peak years left if heathy.

With Tatum you are looking at potentially a 12-15 year run.

Advantage Taco Jay.

The Brow Just Isn’t “That Guy”

Okay the Lil’ Dogg is strictly going with his gut on this one but AD just does not have “it”. He’s not a killer. He’s not a go for the jugular rip their heart out kind of player.

Here’s a list of recent Finals MVPs:

You have to go all the way back 10 years to find a Center. Duncan was a far superior Offensive player to AD and Shaq was the stone cold killer that AD is just not.

But Jayson Tatum is. He showed his mettle in last year’s playoffs. This is Taco Jay at 19.

Imagine him at 25.

Look Anthony Davis is an amazing basketball talent and I would love love love for the Celtics to have him as their #3 or #4 guy. But I’m just not convinced you deal away the farm and the future for Davis as your co-#1 with Kyrie.

I’d rather roll the dice with Jayson Tatum. That’s my Lil’ Dogg #hottake and I’m sticking with it no matter how much guff I get from Cap and Benny (and it’s a lot of guff).

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