Weekend Winner- Size Matters

The Super Bowl is less than a week away and over the weekend the two competing teams each held send off rallies in their hometowns.

Let’s Play a game of You Make the Call on who won the weekend.

Take a gander a pics from each rally. First up the Los Angeles Rams:

And next we have your New England Patriots:

Just a bit of a difference huh.

Now listen the Lil’ Dogg isn’t here to say that the LA Rams have no real fans and Stan Kroenke is the quintessential piece of shit businessman sports team owner who has moved the Rams twice and fleeced multiple cities and should be eaten by the masses in the coming Feed Upon the Flesh of Billionaires revolution coming sooner than you think right after the mass environmental apocalypse sends society as we know it down the proverbial drain. No the Lil’ Dogg is surely not saying any of that.

What the Lil’ Dogg is saying is that this year’s matchup is clearly a Rebel Alliance vs The Empire situation and Tom Brady is Darth Vader acting like he’s Tiny Tim:

Hey whatever gets the ol’ juices flowing right? After 8 Super Bowls it gets a little hard to combat complacency so a QB’s gotta do what a QB’s gotta to do to get the team where it needs to be.

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