Forget the Rams, AP had the GOAT Get Back Coach

It seems like there are many people out there who don’t have all the facts…and as always, we are here to serve.

This story has been dominating social media for over week now, the fact that Sean McVay and the Rams have a get-back coach.

Well, you know who else has a get back coach??? EVERY OTHER FOOTBALL TEAM EVER, FROM HIGH SCHOOL TO PRO’S.

But SI and Yahoo! and every other click-baiter out there is running with this, because McVay is the shiny new toy…the next gen genius…the boy wonder. Well, thank god there are sites like us who will set the record straight.

And while on the topic, unsurprisingly, I have something more to say:

I coached football for many seasons, and in my time coaching at Austin Prep, I had the honor of working with some of the best coaches you can imagine. Guys who knew football, and knew how to build a team. Among them, is a guy I consider to be the best “Get Back” Coach in the country. And HE, not the overhyped chump on the Rams, is who WE will honor today.

Long time Assistant Coach/ Sideline Coordinator/ Game Day Specialist/ Friend of Mine Sean “Seano” O’Toole.

I’ve never seen anyone control a sideline quite like Seano. The boys were always back 5 yards, giving the staff plenty of room to operate. Teams coached by recently retired Bill Maradei were honored many times by the Referees Association, and those awards are in large part due to the behavior on the sideline…hello??? GET BACK COACH.

And, unlike this piker for the Rams, who spends all his time worrying about one guy, Seano contributed much more on game day.

Controlling the sideline isn’t all about the Get Back; it’s also about making noise. And Seano, The Emcee of all Emcees, would have the guys on the sideline banging their pads, their helmets, clapping…all in sequence, to maximize the impact on a key 3rd down, or red zone play.

During pre-game warmups Seano would be ensuring the view of any snooping assistants from the opposing team was blocked. And he’d do some snooping himself… pick up on a formation wrinkle, or a nagging injury…always good to have that info.

His self-appointed duties also extended well beyond gameday.

Thanks to Coach O’Toole, Football Camp was never without some quality tunes. Seano- also a professional DJ, who did my wedding and countless others, so if you’re in need of a DJ he’s your guy– would bring all the equipment you’d for 500 people…and load it up in a tiny 400 sqft cabin, which would become the epicenter of camp festivities. Sometimes rather late into the evening for some of the coaches….tequilla anyone???

Even when I was a player, at Camp Cody, I remember Team swim in Lake Ossipee. Something you might take for granted…but it takes on a whole new meaning when it becomes a sort of synchronized swim, set to the soundtrack provided by Dj Seano, coming to ya straight from Cabin 14.

Obviously, practice and hard work mean the most to the success of any team. But, morale is also key. And while often crazy or goofy, the shit Seano brought to the table when he was around, definitely contributed to great morale. Nobody told him to do any of it, he took it on, he took it seriously, and he did it well. Hell, I’m talking about it how many years later….?

When I read this shit about McVay’s getback coach being highlighted like he’s the only guy doing it, I immediately thought I needed to highlight the “Get Back” Coach above all others. This goes out to all the overlooked Get Back coaches out there, and to one in particular….Great career, Seano!

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