Brady may be the GOAT but his TB12 logo is the WOAT

Nine Super Bowls is great and all but can we talk about how (extremely Charles Barkley voice) tuuuuuuurible Tom Brady’s TB12 personal logo is.

I mean c’mon…

There’s some really bad Athlete Logo’s out there and they basically all consist of weird impressionistic combinations of athletes’ initials and/or their jersey number. If you are a graphic designer and your BIG IDEA is to just draw the athlete’s initials in some convoluted way then well you stink at your job. And since that seems to all any of these designers do then I guess they all suck. Sorry facts is facts.

Just take a gander at some of these monstrosities:

NBA players seem to be especially bad at managing this aspect of their “brand”.

Obviously that second one, the tribal tattoo from 1998 belongs to Carmelo Anthony but any guesses on the first?????

James Harden.


So I suppose ol’ Golden Boy Tommy Touchdown isn’t exactly alone in having an ill advised mark that he’s stuck wearing on hats and sweatshirts for all eternity but I still contend that TB12 is the worst and here’s why.

We’ve covered the unoriginality of using your initials and number so big ✔️ there. But more than that it’s the disjointed nature of the whole thing. There’s no flow. Take Federer’s for example. You can’t say that image doesn’t look smooth. It invokes motion. TB12 is just a blocky mess.

The “B” and the “2” is the big issue. The combination just doesn’t work. No bueno.

Alas Brady seems to be intent on playing for another 10 years and if they keep making the Super Bowl then why the hell not right. Unfortunately that means watching 10 more years of press conferences with Tom in these awful TB12 hats. Small price to pay I suppose but then again…..


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