Worst Actor: Jamal Adams or Pat the Patriot?

Some controversy erupted at the Pro Bowl this week, when during some sort of “fanfest” looking event, that (based on the look of the stands) may or may not have been held at the field from A League of Their Own. Jets’ safety Jamal Adams tackled the Patriots’ mascot…who for some reason is there, and this is how it went down.

This, predictably, angered many Patriots’ fans, with some calling for the immediate arrest, and imprisonment of Adams. While the most “hardcore” fans probably assume this is a convoluted anti-Patriots conspiracy, coming from the highest levels of NFL Management….

Well, surprisingly, I agree. This is undoubtedly a League Conspiracy…but not Anti-Patriot. It’s Pro- Pro Bowl. This whole thing is an ill-advised publicity stunt to bring some attention to the single worst event in all of Sport.

Hear me out…

First off, in the beginning of the video, Adams’ acting job is worse than the worst WWE performer you’ve ever seen: “I’m gonna go knock this mascot out!” Ok, bro…

Then, comes the actual tackle. He LEAPS up and onto the guy…that doesn’t look natural at all.

After the downright silly tackle, the mascot first appears to be fine, the rolls over, suddenly writhing in pain….as Adams stands over him, mean-mugging. I simply can’t decide whose acting is worse. The only one who’d get hurt that bad from a hit like that is Jimmy G.

In the aftermath of the incident, we saw several reports that the mascot had to be rushed to the hospital.

The only problem with that is…it’s not true. He didn’t go to the hospital at all.

There are also a few reports out there that the mascot, later that day, tackled Adams, as a “payback”.

All throughout, the NFL and their broadcast partners have been running video and stories about the incident. Clearly if they thought this was A&B…they would not be doing that. So, to any rational people, this was obviously some type of stunt. Which makes me more angry than if it were spontaneous assault.


The Pro Bowl is stupid. Nobody cares about it. I pitched this idea to some of the HTTA crew a few years back…they should just pick the rosters, and play out a live Madden Simulation on ESPN. Have players do some commentary, make it an event. But for the love of god, stop trying to make us care about the game.

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